Minggu, 20 September 2015


  Awareness KORPRI apples regularly every 17 in the Office of the Mayor of Kolkata this time also include the movement of self-discipline Banjarmasin City Government with the theme "Let's Work Towards Self-Discipline Movement" by the acting Mayor of Banjul Drs. HM Thamrin, M.Si, Thursday (17/08) morning.

         In his speech,  the acting mayor of Banjul Drs. HM Thamrin, M.Si appealed to all civil war in the city government to work with the heart of Banjarmasin, work wholeheartedly, working with care and do not work as they please.
  Through these activities are expected, all capable of forming a civil war which recognizes personal identity, to understand the position, role and responsibilities, and able to form a government of great integrity, reliable, professional, and address the challenges of creating good governance.

 To all participants of the rally, he also hoped that through the movement of self-discipline, the whole apparatus of government in the city of Banjarmasin aimed at making the work productive in carrying out the duties of governance, development and public service.
 The event continued with the awarding of trophies and the charter of the athletes who competed in athletics championship KORPRI inter se to the Government of South Kalimantan Banjarmasin received by  the acting Mayor of Banjul Drs. HM Thamrin, M.Si and accompanied by Plt. Banjarmasin City Secretary Drs. H. Agus Chairman, and Secretary of the Board M.Si KORPRI Mubaraq Nurdin, Sos, M.Si the first champion volleyball princess, runner-up doubles table tennis and chess champion two doubles.